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Scuba Diver Sites Indonesaia - Bali

Bali is by far Indonesia’s most popular dive destination.The Island offers excellent scuba diving at plenty different dive sites. From the clear waters and steep walls in Menjangan and strange critters in Gilimanuk to the famous world war II wreck in Tulamben, and the fierce currents and cold waters in Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. Dive sites are easily reached, visibility is usually good and the corals and fish life very diverse.

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The diving is varied with drop offs, coral gardens and bommies, wrecks and a huge variety of marine life. Bali is ideally positioned in the Indonesian Throughflow (Arus Lintas Indonesia), a massive flow of water that passes from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean and deposits planktonic larvae in the waters around Bali. This results in a very high diversity of species. It is not surprising that the water around Bali is often visited by some big pelagics including the elusive sunfish.

With everything on offer from muck diving at Secret bay to adrenaline drift diving at Nusa Penida, to walls and drop off of Tulamben and even a world class wreck, the Liberty. Bali has something for every taste. Many of the sites have very strong currents and are recommended only to experienced divers; however there are also calmer shallower spots like those at Amed for beginners.

Scuba Diver Sites Indonesia Scuba Diver Sites of Bali Include:

Nusa Pedina
Menjangan Island

Nusa Pedina

This is a large island located in the southeast of Bali, across the Badung Strait. To the northwest lie two smaller flatter islands, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. Most dives sites are to the north around Lembongan and Nusa Penida and in the channel between Ceningan and Nusa Penida. All dive sites are steep slopes or walls which go down very deep.
The best time to dive is during slack tide (= when there is little water movement) just before, during and after high tide, when for a short time the currents are not so strong. Dive operators on the islands like world diving are planning their dives according to the tide tables, so there might be a time when they only dive in the afternoon or another time, when they dive only early in the morning

Scuba Diver Sites Indonesia

What is of interest while scuba diving in Nusa Penida are the large pelagics such as giant trevallys, sharks, mantas, eagle rays and turtles. On all dive sites described here (except Manta point) the special animal to find here is the rare giant ocean sunfish Mola Mola. Sunfish normally live up to 300 meter deep. But around Nusa Penida they come close to the surface between August and October each year.

Location: South East of Bali
Site Depth: 30 meters
Site Visibility: 20 - 50 meters
Currents: Mild / Strong
Difficulty Rating: Intermediate

maldive atolls


The northwest of Bali is known mainly for the beautiful wall diving around Menjangan island. The waters are clear and calm with a rich variety of fish and since there seldom is that much current, also a good place for beginners. Fixed moorings are build at the dive sites.

Scuba Diver Sites Indonesia

There are seven different dive sites around the island and on the very western tip is another excellent dive site for people that like rare and unusual animals: Gilimanuk bay. True, the water is awfully cold here but there are real treasures to be found like frogfishes, special scorpion fishes, nudibranchs, ghost pipe fishes and a lot more.

Location: north West of Bali
Site Depth:   30 meters
Site Visibility: 20 - 50 meters
Currents: Mild / Strong
Difficulty Rating: Beginners/ Intermediate

maldivian atolls


Tulamben is located on the northeast coast of Bali at the foot of Mount Gunung Agung (big mountain). Tulamben is mainly known for the US Liberty wreck that lies close to the shore. The US Liberty is a cargo ship that was torpedoed in the Lombok Strait on the 11th January 1942 (during the Second World War) by the Japanese. The stern is somewhat intact, the mid-ship section is all broken and the bow is again in pretty good shape. The wreck lies on a sandy slope parallel to the shore, roughly southeast (stern) to northwest (bow). Part of the superstructure is close to the surface (about 5m) and can also be reached by snorkelers.

Scuba Diver Sites IndonesiaThe Tulamben wreck is about 120m long, the deepest point is around 30m and it is nicely covered with corals and sponges. This is not a very difficult wreck to dive on; there are only a few places where you can penetrate, all towards the bow. When you make your safety stop you can just lie on the sand and observe the animals that live there. There are other dive sites in Tulamben that are also very nice and well worth a visit.

Location: North east of Bali
Site Depth: 30 meters
Site Visibility: 20 - 50 meters
Currents: Mild
Difficulty Rating: Beginners/ Intermediate

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