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Scuba Diver Sites Indonesaia - Komodo

The water around the Komodo Island is speckled with small islands. Together with an extensive area of the surrounding ocean, they form the Komodo National Park since 1980, and since 1986 is declared a Man and Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site. The Park is most famous for its enormous lizards, the Komodo dragon, the biggest reptile inhabiting the world today; however its underwater attractions should not be overlooked and are rated as some of the best dive sites in the world.Scuba Diver Sites Indonesia - Map Image

The island are ringed with beautiful coral reefs and the diversity of dive option around Komodo is astounding, from calm and colorful shallow reefs teeming with hundreds of reef fishes and crammed with invertebrates, to current-swept deep water sea mounts, walls and pinnacles patrolled by  big fishes. The multiple Islands and the relatively shallow seas between Flores and Komodo‚Äôs west coast result in extremely fast currents at tidal changes.

The Komodo islands are not very well known to divers and only a few Liveaboards plus some dive operators  visit these beautiful dive sites. There is everything, a diver's heart wishes for, from large sharks, manta rays and tunas to colorful nudibranchs, special shrimps, frogfishes and also just the incredible colorful reefs. The reefs are all in pristine conditions, specially the area that belongs to the national park, only in the northeast towards Flores there is some damage from dynamite fishing.

Current City

Depending on the current you dive either the northern or southern side while the other side is inaccessible. Only on very rare occasions at slack tide you can actually swim all around the rock, however the northern side better. Here you will dive on large rocks jutting nearly to the surface. While holding on with a fierce current tugging at you, thousands of fish are schooling around you - mackerels, travallies, large tunas, rainbow runners, sweet lips, red tooth trigger fish and anthias. The south side is an easier dive with a large area protected from the strong current. Though to the left and right of this area the currents can be very strong. Possible to see here also small baby white tip reef shark, turtles, Napoleon wrasses and tunas Scuba Diver Sites Indonesia

Location: South East of Komodo
Site Depth:   80 meters
Site Visibility: 20 - 50 meters
Currents: Mild / Strong
Difficulty Rating: Experienced

maldive atolls

Tanjung Loh Sera

This dive site, in the southern part of Komodo close to the open sea towards Sumba, is very nice indeed. Here the water is colder than in the north. You can dive along the coast towards the eastern edge but the best places are several submerged huge rocks with canyons between them that lie a distance from shore. Currents can be very fierce and sometimes you need to keep to the lee side of the rocks but fish life is so rich there! Napoleon, sweet lips, snappers, groupers and a lot more. The ascend can be difficult, since the pinnacles lie at quite a depth (top = 17m) and you can be swept out with the currents.

Scuba Diver Sites Indonesia

Location: South East of Komodo
Site Depth: 80 meters
Site Visibility: 20 - 50 meters
Currents: Mild / Strong
Difficulty Rating: Intermediate

maldivian atolls

Manta Alley

Nice to dive here early in the morning and just before the high tide, when there is little current and the light is just beautiful over the coral reef. Better to stay in shallow water all the time and just floated a couple of meters below the surface. Soon the manta rays appear swimming close to the surface. After this meet you can continue your dive looking at all the small stuff you find here also. The reef is beautifully covered and large schools of yellow snappers are everywhere. You can also encounter some sharks and turtles.
Scuba Diver Sites Indonesia

Location: South of Komodo
Site Depth:  30 meters
Site Visibility: 20 - 50 meters
Currents: Mild
Difficulty Rating: Beginners/Intermediate

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